our values

NOS 9 Guiding Principals

1. Is it God Pleasing?

2. Does it Pursue the Great Commandment - To love God and to love your neighbor?

3. Does it positively impact the communities we serve?

4. Does it positively reflect the 12 steps of recovery?

5. Is it educational and trust building to our community?

6. Is it Honest?

7. It is Respectful?

8. Is it Transparent? 

9. Is it Unifying?

Any action we take that violates any one of these Principals is a direct violation of what we stand for as an Organization.

Code of Conduct

Serve the Lord

Everything we do is in service to the Lord, saturating all we do in prayer to advance His kingdom.  

1. Integrity

Our reputation as an organization that our community can trust is our most valuable asset, and it is up to all of us to make sure that we continually earn that trust. All our communications and other interactions with clients and community should increase their trust in us.

2. Purpose Driven

Everything we do will be for a purpose that fits our core values of Serving the Lord, Trust, Courage, Honesty and Transparency.  We are offering our residents a new way of life and we need to reflect that in all we do and say.

3. Privacy and Personal Security  

Always remember that we are asking residents to trust us with their recovery. Preserving that trust requires that each of us respect and protect the privacy and security of their information. We are bound by anonymity to not discuss any information related to our residents without that resident’s consent.  

4. Responsibility Declaration

Those who choose to participate in leadership of Our Organization are declaring stewardship to Our Lord. It is our responsibility to be transparent in our words and actions with all that we do, demonstrating a Christ-Like manner in private and public.   

5. Our Call to Action

Our call is to serve the Lord and to be his hands and feet. We must always place principles over personalities; continuously demonstrating His love through our actions. Our call to be of service to others will be executed in this manner consistently and faithfully.