Our Homes

The purpose of NOS Ministries is to promote the establishment, successful management and growth of a high quality community-based recovery service. We will transform lives through providing those individuals that have an honest desire to recover with a structured and community supported sober living environment. We will fulfill our obligation to help the still sick and suffering alcoholic/addict by providing clients with support, encouragement, structure and 12 step recovery values.

Unless you live in, know a friend or family member, or are associated with the field of recovery, chances are you likely have a misunderstanding of the addict/alcoholic and all that is involved in a process of recovery. Our call of Responsibility is to educate our community and love ones of those struggling through our community outreach efforts. Our purpose is to eliminate substance abuse and chemical dependency within individuals by providing a structured, supportive environment built on integrity, honesty, unity and 12 step values. We are self-supporting through financial requirements of our residence. We will utilize income from residents to fulfill all financial obligations. Supplemental revenues will be utilized solely for mission advancement.

We offer services to Men of all ages (transitional dwelling). We expect our individuals to either be working or actively seeking employment. This is a requirement. We have created a committee that will assist clients in identifying and acquiring employment opportunities. Our committee consists of volunteers that will walk alongside individuals accepted into our program offering support, guidance, love and encouragement. Every individual that steps foot in our homes will have this group of volunteers to lift them up and support them, leveraging their various community connections to assist in identifying opportunities to integrate them back into society. Our team prides ourselves on this service as it speaks to the heart of our Organizations overall goal and values; providing an advantage not seen in traditional sober living homes. While seeking employment, individuals are required to complete a minimum of 20hrs per week of community service in addition to adhering to the rules and regulations of our homes. (See Applications and Forms Icon to download Rules/Regulations)