become a Volunteer

You may have heard the term “It takes a village”. At NOS, we live and breathe on this concept. Our team is effectively responsible for the oversight of a round the clock run program with the liability that comes with assisting individuals on such an intimate level. There is no paid staff with our Ministry being 100% volunteer driven. This can sometimes feel like an overwhelming task. We encourage those individuals with a desire to make a difference in addiction to get involved. Our BOD is currently implementing sub committees of volunteers to live up to the responsibility that comes with addictions services including the many behind the scenes tasks such as:

  1. Financial Giving and Solicitation
  2. Community Networking and Engaging
  3. Coordination of treatment process
  4. Mission Advancement 
  5. Client Support Committee (employment and volunteering opportunities identification and implementation)
  6. Mission Governance
  7. Executive Committee

As one can imagine there are many opportunities to serve, and make no mistake, we need your help. Please feel free to reach out to our team at any time to discuss your interests and get involved. There is much work to do and it can become staggering at times, yet also, the internal peace, humility and overall satisfaction that is produced from the effort is a closeness and connection that is not to be missed. Call us today and engage with us, together we can change lives