operations and support

The primary objective in our homes is to provide support, structure, love and accountability to each individual. In addition to our operating procedures we also have a full time House Manager providing 24/7 on site assistance and oversight. Our teams Operation’s Manager provides secondary support to the House Manager and is responsible for ensuring that all matters are handled with our core values and operating procedures in-tact. Our commitment is to operate each home with the highest level of integrity, transparency and fairness to each individual we serve. Executing this effectively determines our accuracy in our commitment to excellence within the homes we provide.

  We have two homes in operation that house seven individuals each not including our house managers. Our top 3 focus of priority list is as follows:

  1. Facilitate and oversee the structured and supportive environment needed to overcome substance abuse and chemical dependency
  2. Build community education and awareness through various networking strategies including active volunteerism, campaigning and political involvement.
  3. Transform lives through support, structure, accountability and love.

Each candidate is thoroughly interviewed to determine their sincerity to sobriety. In order to qualify one must have an "honest" desire to actively pursue their recovery.

Our vision for this ministry is success through community collaboration and networking. We have dedicated the past several years to discussing our project with local treatment facilities, hospitals, foundations and centers of influence. Our community has embraced our purpose and is actively supporting our cause. We consult regularly with Maple Manor Addictions Treatment Facility and Bradford Regional Medical Center's inpatient services.

We are partnering with local organizations such as the YMCA and The Guidance Center which will be providing temporary membership and volunteering opportunities. Additionally, several of our trustees are local business owners with strong community relationships which provide us with continued networking opportunities and ongoing support.

We are a nonprofit organization. Though we are self-supporting through our own revenue, we have created a campaign committee and actively solicit donations for the sole purpose of generating the required capital to satisfy all debt incurred in the startup of this ministry, including mission advancement.